Learning to Garden: It is Easier Than You ThinkLearning to Garden: It is Easier Than You Think

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Learning to Garden: It is Easier Than You Think

I used to pull into my driveway after work every day and wish I had beautiful flowers growing in my yard, like many of my neighbors. My parents didn't garden when I was a child, and I thought it was a talent that just didn't run in my family. I decided "what the heck?" one day and started researching gardening tips. I learned how to plant the right flowers in the right places, so they get just enough sunlight. I also learned a lot along my gardening journey, and I now have a beautiful yard filled with flowers that I planted myself! I decided that I wanted to create a blog that helps everyone realize that they can have the yard of their dreams. I hope you learn a lot here that helps you finally have a yard that you love!


Basement Won't Stay Dry? Don't Cry - Stop Basement Leaks From Taking Over

As a property owner with a basement, it is important to make sure the basement stays dry. When a basement leaks, it can create a whole slew of issues that can be quite the hassle to repair. Fixing a wet basement can cost you a lot of time and money if the problem is not resolved.

What Causes a Wet Basement?

Many times the leaking is due to old or faulty waterproofing methods that were used when the basement was constructed. Over time, the materials can crack, become damaged, or simply have been incorrectly installed in the first place. This allows groundwater to seep in through the weak spots and into the basement. The water may also be caused by bad plumbing that runs through the basement.

How Do You Locate a Leak?

Some leaks may be easy to spot, but it can also be difficult depending on the type of leak, the layout of the basement, or other factors. You may notice wet spots on the floor, ceiling, or walls of the basement, which will help you pinpoint the areas that are leaking. Concrete or drywall both appear darker when they are wet, unless they have been painted, in which case you will have to use your hand and feel the surfaces of the basement to detect dampness.

How Do You Repair a Wet Basement?

Unless you are experienced with dealing with waterproofing, you should contact a local contractor to properly seal the leaks. Leaks that are due to damaged foundations can be dealt with by roofing companies or waterproofing contractors like Sohan & Sons.The professionals may need to reseal the foundation, install new drain pipes, or attach a waterproof membrane to the foundation. Leaking that is due to bad plumbing can be repaired using a local plumber by replacing the broken or leaking pipe. If you wish to save money, you can use a do-it-yourself method and purchase the proper sealants that will seal up gaps in the basement and block out leaks. The repairs may only be a temporary solution though, depending on the severity of the leak.

What Are The Dangers of a Wet Basement?

There are several types of dangers associated with wet basements. First and foremost, it can cause mold to grow which is very dangerous for any occupants living in the property. The leaking can also damage the structure of the building by rotting the wood and weakening it. Depending on the location of the leak, electrical issues may also occur.


Wet basements are a hassle but nearly every property owner has to deal with them eventually. The best way to prevent issues is to stay on top of maintenance and keep a close watch on your foundation so you can spot cracks or weak spots before they cause too much damage.