Learning to Garden: It is Easier Than You ThinkLearning to Garden: It is Easier Than You Think

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Learning to Garden: It is Easier Than You Think

I used to pull into my driveway after work every day and wish I had beautiful flowers growing in my yard, like many of my neighbors. My parents didn't garden when I was a child, and I thought it was a talent that just didn't run in my family. I decided "what the heck?" one day and started researching gardening tips. I learned how to plant the right flowers in the right places, so they get just enough sunlight. I also learned a lot along my gardening journey, and I now have a beautiful yard filled with flowers that I planted myself! I decided that I wanted to create a blog that helps everyone realize that they can have the yard of their dreams. I hope you learn a lot here that helps you finally have a yard that you love!


Learn How To Choose The Right Wood-Burning Stove For Your Home

,If you live in an area where the winter nights get extremely cold, you may want to consider having a wood-burning stove installed in your home. The wood-burning stove will lower your energy costs because it will help heat your home. If you are considering the purchase of a wood-burning stove, use the following guide to learn what things to take into consideration when choosing a stove to have installed in your home.

The Location of the Stove

When choosing a stove to use in your home, it is best to have the stove positioned near the center of the home so heat can easily radiate to all areas of the home. A wood-burning stove will need a flue connected to it to allow the smoke to escape from the stove. Hire a contractor like Aqua Rec's Fireside Hearth & Home to come to your home and help you determine the safest location to place a wood stove in your home.

The Size of the Stove

The size of the stove you choose is important to ensure that the stove is able to supply enough heat to the entire home. Wood-burning stoves are available in many different sizes and discussing the size needed to heat your home with the distributor of the stove you plan to buy is important. They will be able to let you know how large of a stove you need in order to properly heat your home.

The Base for the Stove

Every wood-burning stove will need a hearth. The hearth can be made of brick, stone, or even concrete. The bottom of the stove will become very hot, and having a hearth under the stove ensures that the flooring does not get too warm and catch on fire. The material used to create the base is important because you want to be sure that the material is not a flammable material. Embers could pop out of the wood stove accidentally when you are adding wood, and ensuring the hearth is not made flammable will lessen your chances of accidentally catching your home on fire. Stone, brick, and concrete are not flammable, so you do not have to worry about a fire accidentally breaking out after enjoying a fire all day in your wood-burning stove.

If you take these things into consideration, you can rest assured that the stove you choose for your home is the right one to support your needs. Choosing the wrong size or location of your stove could leave you with just a small portion of your home being heated by the stove. You need to know how large of a home you have and how large the space where you plan to position the stove is. This will ensure you get the perfect stove to suit your needs.