Learning to Garden: It is Easier Than You ThinkLearning to Garden: It is Easier Than You Think

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Learning to Garden: It is Easier Than You Think

I used to pull into my driveway after work every day and wish I had beautiful flowers growing in my yard, like many of my neighbors. My parents didn't garden when I was a child, and I thought it was a talent that just didn't run in my family. I decided "what the heck?" one day and started researching gardening tips. I learned how to plant the right flowers in the right places, so they get just enough sunlight. I also learned a lot along my gardening journey, and I now have a beautiful yard filled with flowers that I planted myself! I decided that I wanted to create a blog that helps everyone realize that they can have the yard of their dreams. I hope you learn a lot here that helps you finally have a yard that you love!


Important Steps When Dealing With Water In Your Basement

As a homeowner, you never want water to end up in the basement. If this happens, you need to take these steps quickly.

Inspect Your Home's Foundation

After finding water in the basement, it's important to inspect the home's foundation for possible cracks. Look for discolored areas, and go up to them and touch them. If these areas are soft, this is where the water is getting in from.

You can then put concrete filler over these wet areas, sealing up any cracks in your home's foundation. Concrete filler is temperature-resistant, so it's not going to break down during hot or cold days of the year. This type of filler also creates a watertight seal in the cracks, preventing water from getting into your basement anymore.

Clean the Gutters

After inspecting your home's foundation, you need to check the gutters and make sure they are clean. If they are not, the gutters can get clogged. Then, water can collect against the foundation and get inside the basement.

To clean your gutters easily, you can use a cleaning rod. These rods are long, and have brushes on the end. This lets you stay on the ground when cleaning out leaves and dirt from your gutters. These rods are made of durable steel, so they are not going to get damaged easily over the years.

After extensively cleaning out the gutters with the rod, you need to go to the bottom and make sure the downspouts are pointed away from your home's foundation.

Get Help from a Water Damage Restoration Company

If there is a lot of water in the basement, you need to contact a water damage restoration company like Complete Restoration Services. These companies will send out a restoration crew, who will use their high-powered water pumps. These pumps are placed at the lowest point of your basement, and they quickly direct water out of the basement and away from your property.

After all of the water is removed, the crew can use mold detectors to detect any traces of mold that may have developed because of the standing water. It's important to let these professionals remove mold, as it can cause severe health problems like vomiting, coughing and dizziness.

Finding water in the basement may cause you a lot of stress, but you need to act fast and take the steps above. They will help you deal with water in the basement, potentially saving you a lot of money in terms of repairs.