Learning to Garden: It is Easier Than You ThinkLearning to Garden: It is Easier Than You Think

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Learning to Garden: It is Easier Than You Think

I used to pull into my driveway after work every day and wish I had beautiful flowers growing in my yard, like many of my neighbors. My parents didn't garden when I was a child, and I thought it was a talent that just didn't run in my family. I decided "what the heck?" one day and started researching gardening tips. I learned how to plant the right flowers in the right places, so they get just enough sunlight. I also learned a lot along my gardening journey, and I now have a beautiful yard filled with flowers that I planted myself! I decided that I wanted to create a blog that helps everyone realize that they can have the yard of their dreams. I hope you learn a lot here that helps you finally have a yard that you love!


Four Unique Kitchen Renovation Ideas

When it comes to renovating your kitchen, you may be looking for unique ways to make it look beautiful. With the help of your contractor, you can build your dream kitchen and give it a few surprising touches to impress your guests. Here are some options to consider.

Transform The Breakfast Bar

If you don't want to use your breakfast bar for meals, consider reserving the counter space for meal prep and installing a dining nook on the exterior side of the bar. Your contractor can build a custom seating bench that rests just below the counter, which creates a built-in seating area for casual meals. Select a table and a few chairs to complete the nook, and accent the bench with soft throw pillows to bring a bit of color and comfort to the area.

Install Wood Floors

Give your kitchen a cozy new look by ditching tile and going with the warmth of hardwood floors. You can find flooring in an array of finishes, from distressed oak for a rustic look to rich cherry for an upscale gourmet feel. Choose a finish that contrasts with your kitchen cabinets, or go for bold color by having your contractor paint the wood flooring in a bright hue. Place a colorful area rug in the center of the kitchen to bring some softness to your flooring and to anchor the room's decor theme.

Tile An Entire Wall

If you have a bare wall without any cabinets, consider adding subway tile to the entire wall. This creates a textured look in the room while giving the space a focal point. Use the same subway tile on the walls beneath your cabinets for a streamlined look, or choose a contrasting tile pattern to have a bit of fun with this idea. You can also play with textured wallpaper designs if you don't want to use actual tile on the wall. You can find wallpaper that creates the look of exposed brick for a sleek urban look, or you can simply use tile-inspired wallpaper to get the look you want without having to deal with grout and the tiling process.

Ditch The Cabinets

You don't have to use cabinets to provide the storage space you need. If you want to give your kitchen a more open, airy feel, have your contractor remove the cabinets and paint the walls. You can then install rows of shelving to display dishes and cookware. This option makes your items easy to access, and it provides plenty of options for adding potted plants and decor pieces throughout the kitchen. Reserve some shelf space for growing fresh herbs in your kitchen, and use another stretch of shelving to proudly display your cookbooks.

Ask a remodeling contractor, like one from Luxcucina, for photos of previous renovations to help inspire you as you plan your kitchen remodel, and use these ideas to give your space a fresh, beautiful new look.